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Exterity’s IPTV Ready to the Digital Technology Signage

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Program enables video equipment companies to prove interoperability with building IPTV systems, opening up new revenue generating opportunities London 14th October 2009: Exterity, a specialist in network IPTV, has launched an IPTV Ready Program to allow digital signage and video equipment companies to add IPTV to their portfolio, ensuring that their full range of kit is interoperable with IPTV technology.

Being a specialist in IPTV, Exterity can offer assistance and support to digital signage companies, helping them to test their equipment which then enables them to upsell to existing customers, and even open up new markets.

IPTV is rapidly growing in popularity and is becoming an essential requirement for many building fit-outs. As such, digital signage companies quickly need to get up to speed on the technology. From its non-competitive position, Exterity can provide independent advice and draw on its extensive expertise to help achieve this.

Exterity’s IPTV solutions enable scalable and cost-effective delivery of TV and other multi-media content across the Local Area Networks. Using IPTV digital signage companies no longer a need to have TV cards in players to deliver live TV to displays. In addition, dual cabling to digital signage players is no longer required as coaxial TV cable is unnecessary, saving money.

Pre-testing their kit with Exterity’s IPTV technology means that digital signage companies can provide customers with certification that they have a proven IPTV solution in their portfolio. These solutions can be rolled out quickly, reducing deployment time and without the risk of incompatibility.

Digital signage and video equipment companies can include Exterity’s IPTV solution as part of their wider technology offerings, which will help them to attract new customers as well as create an up-sell opportunity for existing customers overall increasing retention and satisfaction.

dZine, a pioneer in building digital signage systems, has already joined the program; the company recently completed testing Exterity’s products with its video equipment, and is now certified IPTV ready, meaning that it can confidently incorporate any of Exterity’s IPTV products into its systems, ensuring that it can quickly and easily meet customer demands.

Techex Iberia, a supplier of video transmission technology based in Madrid has already deployed systems incorporating the dZine and Exterity products. Angel Lopez, Head of Techex Iberia comments: “Customers today are looking for cost effective and scalable solutions – qualities which IPTV has over traditional coaxial systems.

To create the best system it’s important to be able to select from a range of suppliers and because it’s essential that we can offer our customers a complete solution that is completely reliable, it’s imperative that these products have been proven to work together. If video and digital signage companies can prove to us that they are certified IPTV ready, as can be done via Exterity’s IPTV Ready Program, then they are a much more attractive prospect to Techex.”

Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity comments: “The IPTV Ready Program provides the ideal opportunity for digital signage companies to move into the new and rapidly expanding market of Building IPTV.

As leaders in this new market, we can channel our experience and share Exterity’s expertise in the sector with other vendors, enabling them to make the most of this new potential revenue stream.”.

About the Author

Digital Signage companies looking to support IPTV should visit Exterity’s IPTV Ready Webpage: www.exterity.co.uk/partners/iptvready.html

Email: IPTVReady@exterity.co.uk .


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